Connecting your bar experience

Bar Connect is the innovative menu/ordering system for your Bar: utilizing tried and tested QR technology to give a new efficiency to your ordering process.
Bar Connect allows your customer controlled, simple, easy access to your customized virtual menu on their Smartphone for accurate, fast, simple order placement to your bar station, only when in your bar.
Order rejection and tab capability keeps staff in control. Payment and POS entry procedures stay unchanged
Customers consistently say waiting to order is their pet peeve. Bar Connect assists your customers to place their order in seconds = instant gratification.
Staff clicks through processing; automatically sending pre-scripted messages back to the customer keeping them informed and occupied.
Bar Connect increases staff efficiency by making every trip a paying trip.
Customers will order more often producing more sales, and more profit
Bar Connect handling the orders gives staff increased time to deal with additional orders. More trips = more tips
Multiple failsafe systems included, keeps things simple and on track.
$$$$ are in your pocket before your payment is due.
Bar Connect provides better demographics, up sell on every item, automatically show and hide, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or 1 time specials ( events), and email access to your loyal customers.
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Bar Connect is a new interactive virtual menu specific to the bar you are in.
Access is by your Smartphone through a QR barcode at your table.
One time registration with email, birth date, and gender. Accept rules of service and you are ready to order your favorite beverage for you and/ or your group.
Click your way through your order, add to cart; then add another drink(s) or check your cart and send the order.
Very fast, simple and fun.
In a moment you will be messaged with acceptance and the progress of your order.
Before you know it your server will appear bearing glad tidings of good cheer.
ASK for us where you drink.
Use your existing QR code scanner or our recommended third-party scanner for iOS Quick Scan , Google Play QR Droid and BlackBerry Barcode Scanner.

Maintaining your sanity in COVID 19 reopening

Bar Connect is raising the bar on the new normal!

BC can:

• eliminate up to 70% of your customer contact points

• ask customers to wear masks when delivering to the table

• payment when ordering - 2 less contacts and quicker cleared tables

• No standby cost

• Quicker table turnover

• Delayed start up cost

• Reduce labour and food costs

• Your menu is always up to the minute

• Never a “We’re out of”

Bar Connect is upping customer service when everyone expects slower and lower.

Together we can make your place the safest place to be.

iOS Quick Scan , Google Play QR Droid and BlackBerry Barcode Scanner